Case Studies

Audi of America was seeing rising perceived brand and product quality without a corresponding rising dealership quality. They partnered with us to go on a national roadshow with their executive team to talk to dealer partners about leveraging positive psychology and happiness tools to engage associates and drive customer service. The result was a long term shift in the dealership experience which drove long term sales over the following twelve months.

Kraft wanted to drive Maxwell House sales in the heavily price elastic mass market coffee industry. They partnered with us to develop an optimism based campaign leveraging the power of small pleasures as well as creating an Optimism Café and customized internal speaking events. The results were industry leading sales increases over the three-month period following the campaign.

Sanofi was seeking to drive awareness and understanding of seasonal allergy symptoms and treatments to launch their new scent-free allergy Nasacort AQ nasal spray. They partnered with us to develop a “smells of Spring” campaign highlighting the positive joys of enjoying the simple moments of the changing seasons. The campaign included TV and radio media spots and customized written content and website. The results were over three million media impressions nationally.